the way
you browse

With the OneLaunch
browser experience.

OneLaunch browser.

Light as a feather,
fast as an eagle

We’ve built OneLaunch to be light and fast, so you can experience everything you love about the internet—including syncing with all your favorite OneLaunch apps—in a browser that delivers your results and loads pages at lightning speeds.

OneLaunch, a fast browser synced with your OneLaunch apps.
OneLaunch, a fast browser synced with your OneLaunch apps.

Built on a tried and
tested platform

OneLaunch is built on Chromium—the same platform that powers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. So it offers excellent performance and many of the same features—like bookmarking and access to all of the Chrome Web Store Extensions you know and love.

OneLaunch is built on Chromium same as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Keep your passwords
secure (without memorizing them)

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to remember a password. OneLaunch will securely save your passwords so you’ll always be able to access your email accounts, social media profiles, and anything else you do online.

Store your passwords securely in the OneLaunch browser.
Shop with just a click

Enjoy hassle-free shopping with OneLaunch. We’ll keep your credit card details safely stored so you can shop online without having to go find your wallet any time you find something that you’d like to buy.

OneLaunch browser is well supported and up to date.

Well supported

Chromium is supported by Google and Microsoft, so security updates, new features, and improvements are being added all the time, ensuring that your browsing experience is always safe and up to date.

Your desktop is waiting

Who knew one sleek bar at the top of your desktop could be packed with so much power? Download OneLaunch and experience the difference for yourself.

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