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I like OneLaunch because it allows me to cut and snip things I need to save. I use it for situations where a copy of somethings needs to be available at a moment's notice, such as with important orders, refunds, and shipping notifications. I also store notices from my security provider so I can have it fixed by a PC service technician.

Using my PC is much better than before. Thank You!

I just recently started working online and OneLaunch is helping me become more acquainted with the internet. Thank you!

OneLaunch is very convenient and intuitive. It took me a few days to remember to use it (old habits die hard!), but it's very easy to use. Thank You!

Using my computer is much easier with OneLaunch.

I love this new dock! I can open my bookmarks without first opening my browser. Thank You very much!

OneLaunch saves me a lot of time.

This software is amazing. It helps me get to websites and games that I like much faster.

I like how OneLaunch stays docked at the top of my screen so I can use it whenever I want without closing the windows I have open.

The convenience of this app is amazing. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

It's easy to use OneLaunch to track packages.

It's so convenient to just push a button and have OneLaunch take me where I need to go. A great tool for busy people!

Awesome wallpapers! I'm impressed!

OneLaunch has taken several time consuming tasks and made them simpler.

I love the apps and the easy access to both my clipboard and the snipping tool.

I just love the set up. It's a great way to search fast!

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