Personalized—the way
a dashboard should be

Meet the OneLaunch dashboard: A sleek panel that opens with one click from your OneLaunch dock. It’s home to your most-used (and most important) information, from your bookmarks to your News, so everything’s ready to go from the first time you use it.

Personalized dashboard.
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Get to your
faves faster

Your dashboard features a list of the sites you visit the most. Simply click, and OneLaunch will open the browser right where you want to go.

Popular sites on the dashboard app for easy and fast access.

Bookmark that

Bring all of your favorite spots online with you. All of your bookmarks will transfer seamlessly (and in the same order) to your OneLaunch browser and dashboard.

All your browser bookmarks available on the dashboard.

Stay up to date

When you open OneLaunch you’ll immediately see everything from what the weather’s doing right outside your window to the current events on the other side of the world (or however you choose to customize it).

Weather and news available on Onelaunch dashboard to keep you up to date. Weather and news available on Onelaunch dashboard to keep you up to date.
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Your desktop is waiting

Who knew one sleek bar at the top of your desktop could be packed with so much power? Download OneLaunch and experience the difference for yourself.

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