UPDATED: February 15, 2022

All capitalized terms shall have the same meaning as defined in the OneLaunch Partner Program Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise defined herein.

1. Software Wrapping, Hosting, Licenses & Authorization

Partner is not permitted to (i) host the Offer(s) for download; and/or (ii) distribute with or integrate the Offer(s) with any third-party software or service unless Partner has received prior written approval and authorization from OneLaunch.

2. Landing Page Transparency

2.1 Partner must not induce a user to install any software made available on the Partner Offering Page(s) by intentionally misrepresenting that it is necessary for security, privacy, or in order to open, view or play a particular type of content.

2.2 Partner may not mislead a Unique User or end users or create any confusion with regard to the source or owner of the Offer(s) or any software being promoted on the Partner Offering Page(s), or any portion of the purpose, functionality or features of the Offer(s) or the software. Furthermore, Partner may not display false, inaccurate, or deceptive information, testimonials, and endorsements by any person or organization regarding the functionality, features, or benefits of the Offer(s) or any products and/or services being advertised and promoted on the Partner Offering Page(s).

2.3 Partner may not under any circumstance (1) misrepresent the purpose of the Offer(s) download; (2) force or direct the (potential) Unique User to install other third-party software or engage in any other activity as a condition to download of the Offer(s); (4) offer unrelated services, products or other benefit as an incentive to download or install the Offer(s).

2.4 If Partner is promoting the Offer(s) and/or is permitted by OneLaunch to host the Offer(s) for download, Partner shall ensure that the Partner Offering Page(s): (1) include the OneLaunch brand name; (2) clearly state that the Offer(s) being promoted are downloadable desktop software (e.g. by including the words “download” or “downloadable” in the ad copy); (3) clearly identify the functionality of the themed Offer(s) being advertised (e.g. “Weather” or “Maps”); and (4) do not include or display any third-party trademarks (whether registered or unregistered) in a way that is likely to mislead or confuse Unique Users or end users regarding the source of the Offer(s), or that the Offer(s) are sponsored or affiliated with the trademark owner(s).

3. Promotion Through Advertising Networks

If the Partner is promoting the Offer(s) through advertising networks (e.g. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.), Partner shall comply with the guidelines and policies of the applicable advertising network(s). Partner must also (i) include the OneLaunch brand name when promoting through the advertising network; (ii) clearly indicate and state that the Offer(s) being promoted is downloadable desktop software (e.g. by including the words “download” or “downloadable” in the ad copy); (iii) not use any deceptive or misleading language; and (iv) identify and state the functionality of the themed Offer(s) being advertised (e.g. “Weather” or “Maps”) through the applicable advertising network(s).

Examples of Compliant Search and Display Ad Content

Search ad:

Sample compliant search advertisement

Display ad:

Sample compliant display advertisement

4. Direct Download Guidelines

4.1 Partners who have been approved by OneLaunch to host a direct download link for the Offer must submit all Partner Offering Page(s) to OneLaunch for review and approval prior to making the Offer download link available on such Partner Offering Page(s). Partners are not permitted to host a direct download link on the Partner Offering Page(s) unless and until OneLaunch has provided express written approval. Any prior approved Partner Offering Page(s) that have been modified in any way, since being approved, must be re-submitted to OneLaunch for further review and approval.

4.2 All Partner Offering Page(s) must include the following verbatim language describing the Offer. Such language must be placed adjacent to the call-to-action:

“Install {Product/Offer Name} by OneLaunch, an omni-present search application located conveniently at the top of your desktop!”

4.3 The call-to-action language must be “Download” or “Free Download”, with no other terms or language permitted without the express written approval of OneLaunch.

4.4 Any call-to-action language on the Partner Offering Page(s) must include hyperlinks to webpages displaying the Terms or End User License Agreement (EULA), and Privacy Policy of the applicable Offer(s) and include the following language:

“By clicking Download, you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.”

Hyperlinks to the applicable Terms or EULA, and Privacy Policy, as described in the above disclosure language, must be direct links to webpages hosted on the domain of the OneLaunch brand or Offer being promoted on the Partner Offering Page(s).

4.5 Any and all required descriptions and disclosure language must be legible in font type, font size, font color, and placement of the text so that such required descriptions and disclosure language on the Partner Offering Page(s) is clearly visible to the Unique User or end user.

4.6 Partner shall not, and shall not attempt to directly or indirectly, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the Offer(s) or any related materials, or create any derivative works or other works that are based upon or derived from the Offer(s), or any related materials, in whole or in part.

4.7 Partner represents and warrants that any download of the Offer hosted by the Partner does not and will not: (1) violate any applicable laws, rules, or regulations; (2) violate or encourage the violation of any third-party copyright, trade-mark, trade secret or other intellectual property right; (3) contain viruses, Trojan horses, browser hijackers, worm scrapers, time bombs, cancel bots, and any other computer programming routines or engines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, modify, impede, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any computer system data or information; or (4) conduct any fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity, or harass the Unique User or any end user.

5. Claims and Testimonials

5.1 If any claims or testimonials are being used and displayed on the Partner Offering Page(s) or displayed with any advertising campaign promoting the Offer(s), Partner represents and warrants that it has a reasonable basis for all claims made within the content, and that Partner possess appropriate documentation to substantiate such claims and shall fulfill all commitments made on any applicable Partner Offering Page(s) and/or advertisements.

5.2 If celebrity photographs, claims, testimonials, and endorsements are being used and displayed on the Partner Offering Page(s) or displayed with any advertising campaign promoting the Offer(s), Partner represents and warrants that it has documented authorizations in its possession to substantiate the use of such celebrity claims and testimonials displayed on any applicable page or site.

5.3 Partner shall not falsely imply affiliation with, or endorsement by, any individual, organization, product, or service when promoting and advertising the Offer(s).

6. Traffic

Traffic generating sources to the Offer(s) cannot include and cannot be generated by the following:

7. Prohibited Activity

Partner is not permitted to do any of the following, whether directly, indirectly, or through any software offered on the Partner Offering Page(s):

8. Privacy Policy

The Partner Offering Page(s) must clearly display, or link to, a privacy policy that provides, at a minimum, adequate notice, disclosure and choices to Unique Users (consumers and end users) regarding Partner’s use, collection, disclosure and security of their personal information. All consumer data collected by the Partner pursuant to this Agreement shall only be used for legal purposes. The privacy policy must be available in English language.

9. Email Policy

OneLaunch does not tolerate the sending of unsolicited commercial email (“UCE”), including any unsolicited commercial emails which promote, or make reference to OneLaunch, or any of their associated companies or websites, vendors, or employees, the websites, products or services. Partner expressly agrees to comply with all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the sending of UCE, including without limitation, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

10. Trademark and Keyword Policy

10.1 For the purposes of this Section 8, the term “OneLaunch Trademarks” shall include without limitation, “OneLaunch” or any phrase type, misspelling, variation or combination thereof.

10.2 Partners may not use their Partner URL/link or any domains and/or URLs that contain OneLaunch Trademarks as the top-level display domain or URL in any advertisement. When engaging in OneLaunch promotion, Partners must use their own domain and/or URL (as pre-approved by OneLaunch) or the URL(s) provided by OneLaunch in their advertising campaigns.

10.3 The OneLaunch Trademarks cannot be used as a part of a Partner’s website domain name, blog, social media accounts, YouTube channel, Twitter username or any URL associated with the Partner’s Program account, unless otherwise approved in writing by OneLaunch.

10.4 Unless otherwise authorized in writing by OneLaunch, the use of third-party trademarks is not permitted when promoting the Offer(s) through any advertising networks and paid search marketing campaigns.

10.5 Partners engaging in paid search marketing campaigns agree to adhere to the terms and requirements of this policy. In order to avoid potential violation of this policy, it is recommended that Partner forward all ad text and proposed keywords/phrases to its OneLaunch Partner Manager for approval or suggested edits.

11. Link Cloaking

Masking or cloaking of the links (whether done by software or by a script and sometimes referred to as "affiliate link cloaking") may or may not work with the Program Site. OneLaunch does not allow masking or cloaking of the Partner URL unless OneLaunch has given prior written approval and verification of the functionality of the masked or cloaked URL is confirmed by OneLaunch in writing.

12. Cookie-Stuffing Policy

“Cookie-Stuffing”, forced clicks, or similar activity is not permitted. “Cookie stuffing” is an unlawful strategy of generating action. (e.g., Use of cookie stuffing to cause tracking systems to conclude that a user has clicked through a qualifying Partner link – and to pay for actions accordingly- even if the user has not actually clicked through any such link or performed any action related to the Offer(s)).

13. No Predatory Advertising Policy

All Partners participating in the Program agree to refrain from any type of predatory advertising practices, or other practices which violate any applicable law including advertising and consumer protection law, which shall include, but not be limited to, dynamically replacing the Partner ID of one Partner with that of another with the effect of "stealing" the action(s) away from the Partner that generated the initial action(s), whether intentional or not. Partners may not adjust any of the supplied Partner URLs to reset cookies or bypass other safeguards in the Program and/or the Program Site.

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